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We bring years of experience from the perspective of Videographer, DJ, Musician, MC and Producer giving you the assurance we pick up on details that make for great content, while being as transparent as possible during the shoot as not to distract from the main event. See what our clients have to say.


We have invested in some of the finest technologies available… from cameras, lenses and stabilizers to the editing suite giving professional results. Super clean audio, elegant titling, inspiring music, creative camera angles, tasteful editing and storytelling.

Personalized Service

At MOVINPICS, we do not make cookie cutter videos . Your story is unique and so are you. From production to customer service we do our very best to give you the best customer experience, delivering with integrity, artistry and quality. See testimonials for what our customers say.

Priced to Fit Your Budget

We  work very hard to produce amazing cinema with affordability for our clients. Besides being nice guys, we bring fun and creative thinking to all of our projects. That transfers to our work and gives greater voice to your story. Call today and arrange a consultation. 905-351-1100



The loved ones and guests attending your wedding will likely never again be together in the same room. Busy calendars, distance, the realities of life make such a gathering truly a rare and special opportunity.

What better way to preserve the details of your most important day with the most loved people of your lives than beautiful cinema? Video captures the sights and sounds, the speeches, the music, comments and exchanges allowing you with family to relive your unique day for years to come.



Musicians, Artists, Performers… when the rehearsals are done and it is show time, when you’ve crafted a work you are proud of, reach out to a wider audience than any concert hall could ever hold.

After working hard developing your art, it deserves to be seen at it’s best. Capture it with the right people, using the right gear. Don’t settle for poor production. Showcase your work to the world with great video.



  • Promotional: ads pitching brand, products & services
  • Testimonial & Interviews: extend a personal connection to customers
  • Internal Training: inform, inspire and motivate staff
  • Online Tutorials: educate and service customers
  • Trade Show Media: stand out among vendors competing for potential customers….  attract attention, attract new clients.
  • Event Videos: highlight, document and share events and milestones of your company.

Video is a proven method to build a company brand.  It informs, inspires and motivates to action. It extends one’s reach and connects to target audiences like no other medium with multiple applications.

  • Generates new business
  • Promotion tool for products and services
  • Demonstrates innovation and value
  • An information resource for customers
  • Empowers and educates staff

We are geared to service small to medium business. Like you, we are growing. We bring flexibility and eager to serve with half a decade of small production experience. That makes us great collaborators. Give us a call today and we’ll talk about how you can raise your profile with beautifully produced video.


MovinPics did an amazing job on our wedding video for us, absolutely SUPERB!

Jacki and John Longstein Happily Married

Just got finished watching the DVD from the wedding. Given all of the restrictions you had to deal with, you did a great job 🙂  It was wonderful to have the day captured in this  way, and nice to see things that I didn’t notice during the ceremony. We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. The DVD will be especially priceless to my grandmother who wasn’t able to make it to the wedding.  I’m sure she’ll love it even more than we do! Thanks again Mike

Meagan W

We certainly have watched the video and it is WONDERFUL!!!  … what you sent far exceeding anything I imagined!  It was so wonderful to re-live some of the moments of our special day and we will treasure it always – I had no idea that some of our family members were such good dancers….LOL – its no wonder why the dance floor moved.  I haven’t had a chance to show my dad yet (he lives in Michigan), but this is something that will be so special to him – you have no idea.

Christine and Jason V

It’s absolutely awesome, there are so many things going on I’ve watched it several times and see different things every time I love it…Thanks.

Ted Chamberlain

Mike you did an amazing job of making it look really exciting! Great editing, I can’t wait to share it with the guys. Thanks so much again for giving us your time and expertise in putting together this incredible memory for us. Yes I have already thought of this as a keep sake for us all to look back on. To hit the stage 33 years later with the exact same guys is not only fortunate and heartfelt but now we can always have it. Cheers, it’s much appreciated!

Jim E

My birthday celebration video… I want you to know that it means a lot to me; …it has your “Brand” on it! I know how much you love to use your talents to bring happiness to others. Watching it made me realize how much I miss the people in the  ward. It was really, really special! I hope you are busy doing the things you love. I love you lots!

Faith P

Thank you very much!!  I received the DVDs first thing in the morning in great condition. Thank you so much for driving them all the way over here – that was over and above what I had expected you to do for us.  You have done amazing work.  We are so very grateful for you and your dedication to making this video a treasured keepsake for our cast members and their families.  Word simply cannot express how much it is appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Lori L

Thanks for the perfect Christmas gift (especially the last 30 seconds). You are always too much of a perfectionist. This looks great.

Arny M

…beautiful. You did an amazing job..

Sara H

As always, perfect and thank you!

Peter H

Her voice is beautiful and your intimate videography and editing highlight the tenderness of the music. Beautifully done…

Karen B

What an awesome video…well done and thanks so much for this….these are memories that money could never buy. Thanks again!!

Jason J

Great camera work.. I hope that you are getting paid the Big Bucks for all your efforts.. You deserve it.. your camera is amazing.. the long shots, the close shots and the various angles are very professional..

Jeannie W

Looks great! The shots of Jesse on the hill were great. and the natural “hair lighting” when he was walking up the hill was great too. Very well done.


Mike, the video you and Grant did for us is beyond the gratitude I can give. It has touched us in ways I cannot count. The  time you have shared with our family is priceless. We can not thank you enough.

The Jones Family

Wow!, that is awesome!!! Captures everything perfectly!
 Thanks so much.

Jeff R